Nanking – Jersey City, NJ


This has to be my WORST experience with Indo-Chinese / Asian fusion food.
Nanking has completely fallen off the grid with their food quality. This wasn’t the case back until 2011.

PROS: (hardly any….yet)
– The Chicken Fried rice ‘used’ to be delectable
– Chicken Chilly ‘was’ truly authentic..not anymore
– Location wise, its in the heart of Jersey City (Exchange Place) – Baah!

– It is astonishing for a brand like Nanking (or is it?) to compromise on quality and quantity at the same time
– Dish portions are minuscule
– Quality has degraded tremendously over the last few months
– If you order for delivery, be prepared have your dessert first. It takes eons to deliver
– For the quality & quantity, the price is a complete RIP-OFF (hope I’m loud and clear on that!)

I WILL NOT order food from NanKing going forwards… Its a disgrace to Indo-Chinese food and that too at a premium!

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Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine – NYC

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine
I’ve never tried Cuban so may not the best judge for its authenticity @ Sophies, but the place does not disappoint.

– Meal size is HUGE
– Convenient location (45th, between 5th and 6th)
-Super fast service (if you wish to sit and eat instead of ‘to-go’)
-Cheap but superb quantity
-GREEN SAUCE.. Period!

-Not the best place to sit and enjoy your meal
– Cramped interiors
-Low on spice (barring the green sauce)
-Table service fast, but had to share the sauce with the adjoining table. Again mentioning crampy interiors.

Very few places offer as much quantity as Sophies… for $10. The Sandwich combos are amazing! Give it a try.

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Biryani Cart – NYC

Biryani Cart

This place has to be the best for Cheap, Good, Delicious, Sumptuous food!! in NY (yeah beat that!)

– Centrally Located, 46th and 6th Ave
– Cheap food
– Supreme taste
– Quick Service
-Can order online for Take-out
-Authentic spices
-Winner of NYC Best street Food 2008/09 (pardon me if I screwed up on the year)

-Should have a delivery option
-Quality of meat and veggies can be questionable (for the finicky ones)
-Wait time (if not ordered online) can be more than 10 mins (not much, but try standing in a cold winter day for that long). Online orders are highly recommended

This place is definitely worth a try if you somewhere nearby 46th and 6th Ave. If not, Relocate 😉 5/5 for me!

-No doubt, the cheap yet delicious Kathi rolls are to die for, but they have so many options in the menu.
-The Combo Kabab (Chicken Tikka+Chapli Kabab) takes the cherry I.M.O.
It is the most unique combo I have ever had. And every dime worth it!

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